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inTransition Closes the Gap When Switching Providers

The inTransition program supports service members receiving treatment for psychological health concerns while they move between health care systems or providers. Skilled coaches will:

  • Coach you one-on-one  through a transition
  • Empower you with tools to continue making healthy life choices
  • Connect you with a new health care provider


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Next DCoE Webinar: Eye and Ear Combat Trauma, Prevention and Treatment

Service members exposed to combat blasts are at risk for problems with vision, hearing and balance. This webinar will examine current research and evidence-based practices to reduce injury risk and enable prevention and treatment. Join us to discuss “Hearing and Vision Impairment from Combat Trauma” from 1 to 2:30 p.m. (EDT) July 24.

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Confronting Trauma Memories: Exposure Therapy for PTSD

The arguments for using exposure therapy to treat posttraumatic stress disorder are compelling. But, confronting traumatic experiences is not easy, and not for everyone. Retired Army Col. (Dr.) Michael Roy, professor of medicine at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, outlines imaginal, in vivo and virtual reality exposure therapies in “Will Exposure Therapy to Treat PTSD Work for You?

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Deployment Health Clinical Center

DHCC works to improve psychological health and deployment-related health care for our nation's warriors and their families

National Center for Telehealth and Technology

T2 develops telehealth and technology solutions for psychological health and traumatic brain injury to improve the lives of our nation’s warriors and their families

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

DVBIC serves military and family members with traumatic brain injuries through state-of-the-art clinical care, research, and education
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Licensed, master’s-level health resource consultants trained in psychological health and traumatic brain injury provide free, customized information to address your specific concerns and help connect you to programs and resources that can help you.