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DCoE Resource Catalog

Download the DCoE Resource Catalog PDF

The DCoE Resource Catalog is your one-stop guide for information about current DCoE products and programs, such as:

  • Program websites
  • Educational materials
  • Mobile applications
  • Fact sheets
  • Clinical recommendations

Whether you are a service member, health care provider or family member, there is a section for you.

The catalog includes product and program descriptions, images of what the resources look like, and access information.

Download the DCoE Resource Catalog today!

Explore our broad range of resources, share with others and tell us what you think about the catalog using this feedback form.

What’s New?

  • A Head for the Future product information has been updated
  • Stop Hiding and Start Recovering: 2016 Alcohol Awareness Month Event Planning Guide
  • Think Ahead Poster
  • Brain Injury Awareness Poster has been retired
  • Creating A Successful Military-Based Alcohol Screening and Education Kit has been retired

Because we update the catalog monthly, bookmark this page and check back often to ensure you have the latest copy.