Substance Use Disorder Tool Kit Available

The Substance Use Disorder Tool Kit is designed to assist health care providers deliver evidence-based treatment consistent with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Defense Department Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG).

The tool kit increases knowledge of substance use disorders for providers, patients and families. It is designed to facilitate treatment decisions for both providers and patients and includes the following resources:

  • Pocket guide to help providers treat patients and improve outcomes by assisting with symptom recognition, treatment and management
  • Booklet that highlights medication-assisted treatment for alcohol dependence that educates and empowers patients with the knowledge to make informed choices regarding their treatment
  • Brochure for family members about substance use disorders and support-focused resources

To download electronic versions or order hard copies of the tool kit and/or summary CPG from the U.S. Army Medical Command’s (MEDCOM’s) website, follow instructions below:


  1. Visit the MEDCOM website
  2. In the menu on the left, click on “Tool Kit” then “PDF Downloads” (a separate window will open)
  3. Click on each of the tool kit components to download
  4. To access the summary CPG, select “VA/DoD Guideline” on the main menu

Hard copies:

  1. Visit the on-line shopping cart on the MEDCOM website
  2. Select “Click Here to Continue”
  3. From drop down menu at the top of the page, select “Substance Use Disorder”
  4. Choose the tool kit components and select “Add to Cart”
  5. Proceed to “Check Out”
  6. Register as “New User” or enter “User Account” information
This page was last updated on: August 11, 2016.