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  • Have an Idea for DCoE? Submit It!

    A big focus of the Psychological Health Clinical Standards of Care Directorate and Strategies, Plans, and Programs Directorate, has been developing a process for agencies, organizations and individuals outside of DCoE to be able to share a concept or idea related to psychological health or traumatic brain injury with DCoE. As it stood during DCoE’s first year, there was no standardized process for how people let us know about ideas. Both directorates are therefore very pleased about the “Idea/Concept Submission” form link on DCoE’s Web site home page, which went up recently. Now, we have a submission form process on our Web site specifically for the purpose of enabling people to share their ideas regarding the treatment of psychological health issues and traumatic brain injury with us. Submitters are asked to include evidence for their submissions, as we are looking for evidence based tools. Two subject matter experts review all ...
  • Center for Deployment Psychology helping hostage negotiation teams

    The Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) recently worked with the San Antonio Police Department on a training program that holds promise and value for returning veterans and behavioral health situations. Two CDP behavioral health psychiatrists, one at Wilford Hall Medical Center and another at Brooke Army Medical Center, worked together at the request of the San Antonio Police Department to put together a two-day, ten-hour training program. The purpose of the training was to teach the police department’s hostage negotiation teams the issues that may come up for a combat veteran in a hostage situation. Local police and sheriff’s departments have recently reported an increase in calls that involve a service member or their family. Many of these calls appear to start off as domestic disputes that have the potential to escalate into a hostage scenario. As yet there is no data regarding the number of these types of situations, ...
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  • Suicide Prevention Conference

    Team DCoE recently completed an important session in San Antonio, co-hosting with the VA a suicide prevention conference. A first-time joint effort, it enhanced awareness of some of the best practices and methods for suicide prevention. The conference ran Jan 12-15 covering clinical intervention, practical applications and tools, and research and academics. I’m pleased to note that attendees included suicide prevention program managers, professional health care consultants, counselors, chaplains, unit suicide prevention officers, substance abuse professionals, and unit leaders. It gave all attendees a terrific opportunity to share innovative ideas and new treatments related to suicide prevention. DoD has some of the finest mental health services available anywhere in the world and takes the issue of suicide very seriously. Our highest priority is the life and well being of every man and woman in uniform who honors us with their service. Also, we are delighted to see the new partnership ...