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Watch and Share: A Creed for a Comrade

I am an airman, sailor, soldier, Marine, Coast Guardsman. I am a mentor, comrade, friend, loved one...

The “A Creed for a Comrade” video demonstrates that we all have an important role to play in providing support to those who need help.

I have answered my nation’s call. I will always place the mission first. I will always look out for the well-being of my fellow warriors...

It takes courage to address the psychological health concerns that may be affecting you or a fellow warrior. View video profiles of servicemembers who courageously sought help.

Are you familiar with the service-specific resources and programs on suicide prevention? If not, check them out below:

For additional resources, visit DCoE’s page on Suicide Prevention.

To download a copy of DCoE's "A Creed for a Comrade," click here.

Comments (2)

  • Claudio Alpaca 05 Sep

    It is a message that speaks to heart and responsibility of any person, military and not, and pose a great problem of interest of world society. Claudio
  • sue 05 Sep

    Excellent, profound, and right on target. No matter what your mission, profession, or speaks to all of us the most important message of all, not one service member, soldier, seaman, marine, coast guard, airmen or guardsmen--or women--should ever feel left behind--and it is all of our jobs to make it so.

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