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If you or someone close to you has experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you may know the feeling of being set apart from others, and a loss of a sense of community. You can restore that sense of community with, an online resource for service members and families whose lives have been affected by a brain injury.

In this public service announcement, retired Army Sgt. Adam Anicich and retired Army Staff Sgt. Reanita Gray, who both sustained a TBI while fighting in Iraq, encourage other service members and veterans to use as a go-to resource for advice, support and the latest brain injury information. offers personal stories, research, webcasts, videos, articles and current news on TBI symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation and family issues associated with care and recovery. Share this PSA with your friends and encourage them to check out this TBI community resource.


Comments (2)

  • Jerry Wesch 29 Mar

    There are some new additions to the mTBI (Concussion) treatment tool box. Some of the newer generations of Neurofeedback systems seem to offer unique avenues to stimulating CNS neuroplasticity. I have seen some very promising outcomes particularly in my mixed TBI/PTSD soldiers and Vets. After perhaps 10-15 Neurofeedback training sessions, the CNS seems to come back on line in a more functional  way, facilitating a move to trauma-focused PTSD treatment and a better response to cognitive rehabilitation. Post-TBI headaches seem to respond very well, allowing decreased medications. I can send along more information off-line if desired. I have cases rather than a controlled study but the San Diego Naval Medical Center is reporting a new controlled study, based on the positive clinical outcomes at Camp Pendleton.
  • DCoE Blog Editor 01 Apr

    @Jerry, Thanks for sharing. If you’d like to provide more information, please send it through the contact us page on the DVBIC website at

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