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Teens Connect on Discussion Board for Military Kids

Military Kids Connect, teens discussion board

Military life can be exciting, tough, fun and stressful all at the same time. What better way to ride out the ups and downs than with other teens like you? You can find military teens from across the world on a discussion board at Military Kids Connect. Who knows? What’s on your mind just might be on their minds too.

If you’ve never visited Military Kids Connect, it’s an online community where military youth of all ages can share their stories about the rewards and challenges of military life. Your civilian friends are probably helpful, but there’s nothing like the support you can get from someone who’s been there.

In addition to newly added categories of interest on the teen discussion board, the website has dozens of mini-documentaries to watch and comment on. The videos feature military teens in real-life situations — from coping with deployment and reintegration to adjusting to the needs of an injured parent.

The website also has tips, activities and games to help you enjoy the good times and de-stress during the tough times.

Kids and tweens can also explore fun and interactive content. There are also features and resources to help parents and educators support children at home and school.

Now that you are informed, check out the new discussion board and connect with other military teens. You never know who you might help, or who might help you.

And don’t forget to celebrate. April is Month of the Military Child. It’s your month; it’s your military life. Enjoy!

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  • Hey Peace and Happy Moms day to all Moms. Much Love from All of US. We are the Rocks that make it Roll. Can do Mom-mas.

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This page was last updated on: September 14, 2017.