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Mom, Psychologist Shares How Laughter Can Strengthen Relationships

A student laughs with Mirius Zender, right, event volunteer, during the St. Martins Special Children's Day (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Preston Cherry)

Laughing with a service member, family member or friend can be a fun and healthy way to connect. Julie Kinn, deputy director of the National Center of Telehealth and Technology Mobile Health Program, shares a family experience that makes her laugh until this day in a recent AfterDeployment blog post.

Laughing about shared circumstances builds a sense of connection. Just be sure the shared memory is one that everyone finds funny (and not one that will make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed).

How to keep sharing a laugh:

(Use as bedtime reminders.) As you tuck in your children or kiss your partner goodnight, take a minute to say, “Remember when the dogs were being goofballs at dinner?” Just that quick reminder about when you laughed together will increase your connection and will give your loved ones a nice thought as they go to sleep.

Read the full story about how the Kinn family turned a funny “slug eating” experience into a lifelong memory.


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  • Laughter, a way for improve and strengthen relationship, that is boost our force and our readiness ,making us a team where all shared problem become a point of force and, shared, appear little and more supportable. The power of laughter, the force of our interiority and spirituality, what make us able to face all hard situations and also the death, what make us, surely, men able to offer themselves for others and country with a laughter on our face, expression of our satisfaction to make us and our life an offering for ever, a sacrifice that make sacred our life and give us to ever say I am ready as we said the first day as we shall say ever, just our death and also after.


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