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Don’t Let TBI, PTSD Keep You from Academic Success

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Photo courtesy of U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

Returning to school after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or living with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be overwhelming. Noisy settings may become problematic, complex tasks may become hard to follow, and socializing with instructors and peers may not come as easy. But if you are a student living with TBI or PTSD, you can still achieve academic success.    

Common Struggles for Students

Depending on your injury and where you are in the recovery process, you will likely perform at a different level than before your injury. You may notice new challenges with learning and studying that you didn’t have before. Many students have trouble:

  • Paying attention 
  • Staying organized
  • Making decisions
  • Managing their time
  • Learning and remembering new information
  • Staying focused
  • Socializing

Students who experienced trauma may face triggers when going back to school. For instance, some people may find it hard to sit in confined spaces, such as a classroom, while others may feel claustrophobic or overwhelmed in large groups of people or crowds. The authoritative nature of teachers and administrators may even be intimidating or daunting.

Overcoming Challenges

If you’ve experienced any of these challenges, the tips can help you manage these symptoms:

Don’t Give Up!

Going to back to school is a big decision. As an adult learner, there are more distractions and responsibilities to balance on top of schoolwork. It takes tenacity to complete a college degree while coping with the effects of TBI and PTSD – we believe in you -- do not give up!


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  • Hi all. Thank you, excellent and encouraging information! Greg

  • I will love the tips thanks.

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This page was last updated on: September 14, 2017.