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  • Summer Safety: ‘Foul Ball!’ Learn Risks of Head Injuries in Baseball
    a line of batting helmets in a field
    U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Antwaun L. Jefferson

    Baseball and softball are practically synonymous with summer in America. Military families enjoy days at the stadium together, service members join recreational leagues, and kids learn the ropes at Little League games. When watching a Major League Baseball (MLB) game, who doesn’t love it when one of our service members throws out the first pitch?

    Baseball and softball are popular summer pastimes, but most people don’t connect these two sports with head injuries. Players and fans need to be aware of the possible danger of being beaned by a ball. Head injuries are a problem not just for amateur athletes, but also the pros. An MLB official says that a dozen pitchers have been hit in the head by line drives since 2012.