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  • One thing I would like to share with others is what I believe was a big help for when attending college classes. After I realized I missing a good portion of my notes, I began tape recording all my lectures. In the evenings, I would play back the lecture recordings and then fill in what I missed in my notes. I would then re-write my notes to be cleaner and more easy to read. When I went through this process of listening to the lectures again, writing down what I missed and then rewriting my notes again, I realized that I was involving more of my senses: I was hearing the lectures again, I was seeing what I was writing down and I was able to paint a picture of what I was seeing.

    Since I had a slow rate of processing information and poor auditory memory, my visual memory was much better than my auditory memory. Hence, when I heard the lecture again, and was able to see what I was writing down, I could visually remember this information. I do not know if there is any research that supports this, or not, but I know it worked for me. The only difficult part is one must be willing and motivated to spend a lot of additional time to go through this process. I was 36 when I began Physical Therapy school and I was motivated to invest the additional time.

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