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  • The way that of Krys to walk on for aid more other than himself. He face the problems he lived and live and decide to transform on positivity what appeared only a negatif one, he uncovered he was able to make the same things of a time, also if on other manner, he uncovered that his will, willingness, ability was not died but instead empowered and that is what he decided to transmit to other buddies, making them able to understand that, also when injured, we are men able to fight the impossible and combat the invisible, to combat all situations of weakrness and transform them of points of force. This happen when the warrior is on us is living and is planifying how react, how face a reduced force and regain the ability he had, when we feel the warrior we are thinks nothing is impossible, when our mind is open and our will strong more than ever, this happen further when we are determined to never surrend to any obstacle. It is what make us men whose mind and heart are able to drive us to make also the impossible, to put us on competition and make evident we are able to act as ever, to have a moral force and a strenght that make us hard men able to act also if deprived of arts. It is was make a man a warrior, what make a warrior a heroe

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