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  • The difficulty some of us may have is how say and what, how make clear the lived problem and his simptoms. It is why, buddies, we must planify our speech, posing on result what hurt us more, what make us unable to have the same ability or constance we have a time before TBI happened. A thing we must do is annotate all symptoms we have, all sensations we have never had before TBI and stress and be objectif, the more possible, for aid all of us on the same situation and build a dates bank on matter, for make possible adeguate and prompt cares for all. It is true we mantain our ability on speaking but we must rationally accorpate all sensations and symptoms so to offer to caregivers the possibility to apply the adeguate treatment also before the subjectivity of our situation. It is an essential one and we must not avoid to speak also of symptoms that may appear irrilevant. All must be accorped and referred when we are called or go to speaking of TBI and all related problems we live, remembering that also a little sensation may be of high utility and usefull for a right treatment. What is relevant is be more rational and communicate all we must, with essentiality, never lossing our rationality, never avoiding to speak of all symptoms we may have as all is vital for the related treatment. Be sure so doing we are aiding more other than us, we are building the way by means of more shall be adeguately cared on future.

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