DCoE Frequently Asked Questions

Does DCoE provide funding?
DCoE does not provide research grants or other forms of financial support to persons or entities through the Concept Submission Program’s Process. DCoE does not award contracts. By submitting a concept, project or idea on this form the submitter understands that they are using this process to share with DCoE information that is relative to its mission. DCoE is most interested in empirically researched products, services and interventions provided through agencies of the Federal Government.
Who should submit?
DCoE welcomes input from community groups, agencies, programs, individuals, and other organizations on research ideas, evidence-based services, and new or expanding resources for Service Members and their families. Submissions to DCoE should have at least 1 of the following 2 purposes:
  1. You have information regarding a service, product, or intervention that you would like to share with DCoE.
  2. You have conducted research on a service, product or intervention and would like to share the findings with the DCoE, allowing DCoE to potentially share your information with others.
What happens after I submit?
After you submit the form, it will be reviewed by a representative of the DCoE. The main considerations for the DCoE review will be:
  • Relevance to the mission of supporting Service Members and their families in the areas of psychological health and traumatic brain injury;
  • Evidence to support the submission (e.g. randomized controlled trials, non-random or non-controlled trials, any accreditations/approvals/certifications, any case studies, and strong anecdotal evidence. Particular evidence that links the concept to military personnel, families, trauma, stress or related disorders or traumatic brain injury should be included whenever available.
  • This review process could result in different courses of action to include:
    • A request by the DCoE representative for further information, verbally or in writing.
    • An invitation to participate in a Concept Submission Program sponsored by the DCoE to share with us information regarding a particular product, service, intervention, or research findings.
    • Referral to a more appropriate venue for your particular concept (e.g. your concept would be more appropriate to improve mobility for amputees)
    • A letter of acknowledgement for your interest in our collaborative effort and interest in our wounded warriors with no further action taken by DCoE.
How do I find out information about becoming a provider for Service Members?
Please visit TRICARE's webpage at http://www.tricare.mil/Providers.aspx and follow the information provided.
This page was last updated on: August 11, 2016.