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Next DCoE Webinar: Technological Updates in the Treatment of Mental Health

Access to evidence-based technology to support psychological health care treatment is limited. Our next webinar will discuss how providers can conduct a non-inferiority trial before applying new technology to evidence-based practice. The goal is to test and demonstrate that an experimental treatment, such as using mobile technology to complement health care, is no worse than the current standard of care.

Learn more about developing the tools needed to evaluate the quality of the evidence base to improve clinical care. Register for the webinar today!

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Feeling Overwhelmed by the News? You're Not Alone

Do you feel overwhelmed by the recent reports of violence in the world? From international terrorist attacks to national civil unrest and violence, social media feeds and news outlets are flooded with powerful imagery, videos and heated debate.

Turn off the news, take a deep breath and read these tips to help you manage your emotions.

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End Emotional Numbness

Why can't I feel anymore? I just want to feel something strongly, either good or bad … happy or sad.

—Veteran with PTSD

Emotional numbness associated with depression or posttraumatic stress doesn't have to be permanent. Check out these “4Tips to End Numbness and Reconnect with Your Emotions.”

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Registration for the 2016 DCoE Summit is Open

Register today for the 2016 Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Summit. Join health care professionals and academics to exchange knowledge on the State of the Science: Advances, Current Diagnostics and Treatments of Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury in Military Health Care. Registration for the 2016 DCoE Summit is open.

Visit the DCoE Summit website for more information.

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Deployment Health Clinical Center

DHCC works to improve psychological health and deployment-related health care for our nation's warriors and their families

National Center for Telehealth and Technology

T2 develops telehealth and technology solutions for psychological health and traumatic brain injury to improve the lives of our nation’s warriors and their families

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

DVBIC serves military and family members with traumatic brain injuries through state-of-the-science clinical care, research, and education

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Licensed, master’s-level health resource consultants trained in psychological health and traumatic brain injury provide free, customized information to address your specific concerns and help connect you to programs and resources that can help you.

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