How to Access DCoE Webinars

  1. Register: You will find the registration link on Monthly Webinars page. Please note, if a webinar offers continuing education, you must register via Professional Education Services Group (PESG) prior to the registration closing date. Some organizational network security settings limit access to the registration page. If this occurs, access the registration page from a different network. If you continue to have problems, please contact the DCoE Webinar team.
  2. Choose a Platform: You are encouraged to join the webinar via Adobe Connect. To participate in the webinar please enter the webinar room as a guest and enter your first and last name. Webinars are also available via smartphone applications. To participate in webinars from your smartphone, visit Adobe Connect Mobile and download the application to your mobile device. If you have technical issues accessing Adobe Connect, please contact the DCoE Webinar team.
  3. Join Call for Audio: Once you have entered the webinar room, use the dial-in information provided in the email confirmation to access the audio portion of the webinar. (Audio is not provided via Adobe Connect)


This page was last updated on: May 3, 2017.